Drifting away

As she sat on the chair awaiting her turn, it occurred to her that life could be worse. She floated above the chatter, her eyes closed and her feet bare. Her mind did not board any particular train of thought, just barely paying attention to random images that surfaced for a fleeting moment of recognition only to sink slowly back from whence they came.

Delicious freedom from responsibility, even if for a short time, settled in and a distant ‘happy place’ image began to form behind her eyelids.

Hot, white, blue, swaying palms, and a scent of tangy salt laced with seaweed and tanning lotion coagulated from her memories to coalesce into a Kodak moment snapshot.

“Hey, you wan’ remove ded skin?” The thickly accented voice slingshotted her back to reality with a snap.

She eyed the skin razor thoughtfully and said, ‘Yes, please’.

The reality of the harsh fluorescent lights did much to chase away the daydream. Oh, well, there’s always a next time. She sat up and focused on the chatter.

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