Netti Pot

The only reason I am alive today is because I refused to have tomorrow’s headlines read “Woman’s accidental drowning by netti pot hits top five all time weird reasons for accidental drownings.”

It is a testament to my tenacity, stubbornness, and ability to act under stress that I did not choke as I poured saline solution up my nostrils in an effort to clear them, and spluttered and gasped as it went down the back of my throat.

The amount of sneezing and coughing that ensued was enough to take revenge upon my noisy neighbour (who did not come to my aid, by the way… he was too busy yelling and shouting as he normally does).


1. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS – All of them! No skipping ahead to see how it ends.
2. LEAN FORWARD – Do not tilt your head back!
3. Make sure that the person who gives it to you as a gift is not due to receive any financial compensation from your life insurance in case of your untimely demise


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