Excerpt (12)

Out of the blue, he stopped walking. She looked round at him, to find him staring at her, with a weird look on his face. How could a face almost as well known to her as her own suddenly look so unfamiliar? Her heart began to pound.

‘I know why they do it,’ he said.

‘Why who does what?’

‘Men,’ he said. ‘Why they get down on one knee. Although it should be two.’ He slowly got down on his knees and took her hand in both of his.

She caught her breath and stared at him.

‘It’s because they’re begging their woman to marry them, not asking,’ he smiled. ‘Please, PLEASE marry me. You’re the only thing in my life that makes any sense.’

He was on his knees before her, looking vulnerable and uncertain for the first time since they had met, so many years ago. A fistful of butterflies hatched in her belly. She took a deep shaky breath.

‘Please?’ He said, a little uncertain.

‘You are leaving me no choice.’ She said. And then she smiled. ‘On one condition.’

‘What? Name it!’

‘That you marry me, too.’

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