How many rolls of a die will it take?!

You will need: –Dice

  1. a giant die
  2. Record sheet
  3. your pencil case
  4. your math journal


Investigation: – In your group…

  1. Put your name at the top of your sheet.
  2. Predict – How may rolls of a giant die will it take before you get six sixes? Write your prediction on your own record sheet
  3. Actually roll the die until you get six sixes.
  4. One person counts the rolls of the die, and one person counts how many sixes you get. Make sure everyone gets a turn at rolling the die.

Now do the whole thing again! Will the results be the same? Will they be different?

Please record all the answers on your own sheet. Answer the questions at the end too.

When you have finished, take a photo of your record sheet with Photo Booth. When you are done, you will see that your photo has the writing back wards. This is how to flip it.

  • Select your photo
  • hit Command + F

When you are done with this, glue your Record Sheet into your math journal.

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