Grammar – How to end sentences

There are three ways to end a sentence; by using a full stop (period), a question mark, or an exclamation mark  (  .   ?   !   ). A new sentence ALWAYS begins with a capital letter.

Once you know how to spot a question and an exclamation the rest is easy! Everything else uses a full stop/period at the end.

How can we tell if a sentence is a question?

There can be certain words that give us a clue. Does anyone know some of these words?

Let’s make a note of them in your journals.

What about these sentences?

  • Do you like zoos?
  • Does this mean you will not come with me?


How can we tell if a sentence is an exclamation?

If you were reading a sentence with an exclamation mark out loud, your voice and tone would change. Exclamation sentence show some kind of emotion. For example : –

OMG! It’s Taylor Swift! She’s here!

Now try reading these next sentence and exclamation without any change in your voice 😆

There’s a ghost. Aaaaaaaaaaagh.

Now try it WITH the exclamation points!

There’s a ghost! Aaaaaaaaaaagh!

Now write two sentences for each punctuation mark in your journal.

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