My latest idea of how to end poverty

My latest idea for ending poverty.

A 1:1 initiative – For everyone 1 person who is not poor to truly help only 1 person who is.

Governments and leaders have shown over time they cannot help with this, no matter what their personal standpoint, country’s wealth and level of willingness. Politics just get in the way, as there is always another agenda operating below the surface of helping with this issue.

Religious beliefs seem to exact the price of conversion for the price of helping with poverty.

A simple 1:1 initiative will make this huge problem manageable and achievable, and hopefully price-free.

For those who are about to cynically spout words like naivety and other more acerbic adjectives my way, I simply quote Occam’s Razor to you.

‘Be kinder than necessary; everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.’

Similarly this 1:1 initiative could help with animal cruelty.

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