Ms Favilli’s idea for a tattoo

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 7.39.29 AM

The sun is actually a star.  In this tattoo, there is a star within a star. The center point has lines going from the center to the outside of the sun

The sun has always been a symbol of happiness for me. A day full of sunshine always brings a smile to people’s faces, and can serve to create great memories. It is the source of life for us, and without it, we truly could not survive.

On a deeper level it reminds me that we are a very small part of the universe, and it will always be there in my lifetime. It is the only constant thing in my life. Things will be good or bad, people may come and go in our lives, but the sun will always be there.

The fact that there is a star within a star, and that it is not easy to see at first, is my way of telling people that no matter what you see on the outside, there is much more on the inside than you at first realize.

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