How to get ideas for a story from listening to music

We have already looked at how to get story ideas from pictures, and we added those ideas to our Story Treasure Chest.

Today we are going to have a go at getting story ideas from listening to a piece of music.

You will listen to a piece of music three times.

The first time you will just simply listen and respond to the music, then we will talk briefly about the music and what you saw in your head as you listened to it.

The second time, you will listen and think of words that the music makes you think of

The third time, you will have a 4-box planning sheet in front of you as you listen, and will very quickly plan a story. Some of you might need more than four boxes! You will need to get another piece of paper if you need more than four boxes.

The music starts very low and slow, and gets very loud and fast as the music goes on. It’s even a little scary! 😉 Let’s close the blinds to get some atmosphere going!


Click here for the music (4:48)

‘The Heat’ –  by Peter Gabriel (from the album “Birdy” – March 18, 1985, Charisma Records)


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