Colours in Symbols

Mr Wu is a Chinese Historian. He discovered this stone symbol buried on a farm on the outskirts of Beijing. Being so old the symbol has lost its entire colour and he needs your help to work out what colour it might have been.

1. Read the colour chart with a partner, discuss the key words with your partner.


2. Look at the your scenario from Mr Wu. with your partner and discuss the important words and highlight them.

3. Discuss what colours you think the symbol might have been and why.

4. Colour the symbol the way you think it might have been.

5. In your U.o.I. journal, put today’s date and the title ‘SYMBOLS IN COLOUR’

6. Glue the scenario you worked on with your partner into your journal.

7. Glue the coloured in symbol into your journal.

8. Pick two of the colours you chose and explain why you think they were used on the symbol. Write it like this: –

I used these two colours because they symbolize: –

1._____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ 2._____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

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