Tuesday – September 24, 2013


  • The Biathlon for Grade 3 is Wednesday, September 25 at lunchtime. The boys will begin at 12:20 and the girls will follow at 12:50 pm. You might need THREE sets of swimming things!
  • Also Wednesday morning, the G3 teachers will be having a long meeting in school. You will have a sub up to period 4, but I will be in the Lotus Lounge for this big meeting.
  • Our National Day Assembly will be on Friday at 2:30 pm in the ES Gym.



Period 1 (8:40 – 9:20) – Language Arts

Four types of reading

Period 2 (9:20 – 10:00) – Language Arts

  • Story writing finishing off
  • Gluing the Vocab Knowledge Rating Scale into the U.o.I. journals, and continue to research the words we didn’t know
  • Make a video to use with Mr Cowell on Thursday

Period 3 (10:00 – 10:40) – Specials

PE with Ms. Watkins

——————-Snack Time (10:40 – 11:00) —————————————-

Period 4 (11:00 – 11:40) – Maths

Post test – Place Value

Period 5 (11:40 – 12:20) – Maths

Looking at Symmetry – We will need mirrors and scrap paper.

We will experiment with symmetry, and then create a post that has photos of what you have figured out about symmetry. You will use Photo Booth to help you. Maybe you could even take a quick video of you explaining and showing what you found out? You could use this on Thursday when Mr. Cowell comes in 😉

——————Lunch Time (12:20 – 1:20) ——————————————

Period 6 (1:20 – 2:00) – Specials

Languages (Chinese, Dutch, ESL)

Period 7 (2:00 – 2:40) – U.o.I.

Unpacking the Central Idea for our New Unit

Period 8 (2:40 – 3:20) – U.o.I.

Now that we have talked about the central idea, reflect on (think about) what we have talked about, and create a front cover for this unit. Include symbols. words, colours, anything you need to to make your thinking clear.

You need to write the central idea, and the lines of inquiry on this page.

Appreciating what people believe can enable us to become global citizens.

Lines of inquiry: an inquiry into: –
1. Belief systems
2. Similarities and differences between belief systems
3. How our values and beliefs influence our lives as global citizens

————————- 3:20 – HOME TIME——————————————-


Don’t forget to work on your home learning tasks! Bring everything in on Friday!


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