Intro to the 5 reading tasks


We are going to start reading groups soon. When we do, we will have to focus on certain things to improve our reading and comprehension ability. Here is what we are going to do.

Depending on your book, you may have to do these tasks either at the end of your book, or a few times as you read it in your groups.

3F Reading Groups 5 task explanations pictures PICS

You should try to do the things we have just talked about when you read books you have chosen for yourself.

bookworm reading book


NEXT BIG THING….. How do you choose a book that is just right for you?!

There are generally three levels of books – Easy, Just Right and Challenging.

Out of every ten books you should aim to read 3 easy, 5 just right, and 2 challenging books. What do each of these things mean?

EASY books – G3 copy

JUST RIGHT! books – G3 copy


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