The wriitng Process in G3F


  • Choose a method of planning, and set down your main ideas. We will be using FOUR of the 8 Box plan for our stories
  • Your beginning should include an introduction to the main characters, when the action is  happening, and a description of the setting.


  • In your Creative Writing journal, write your first draft of your story.
  • Skip a line between boxes/paragraphs
  • Make sure you have a BEGINNING, a MIDDLE, and an END
  • Remember to make it interesting for the reader. Your plot should have a problem or conflict, and a resolution.


  • Once you have finished your first draft, check it yourself using your GRAMMAR book. Make sure you have checked for the grammar points we have covered so far.
  • C3 B4 me!
  • Write your name in a list on the white board to schedule a conference with an adult in the room for a final edit


Make some last-minute final changes…


Copy your story out in your best handwriting! Do this in your Creative Writing journal.

Sometimes you will be asked to copy it out onto special paper so it can be displayed in the hallway.


Draw a picture to help your story along. This picture can be of: –

  • one of the main points of your story
  • an exciting part of your story
  • a picture that goes with your title
  • something you might like to draw from your story


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