Mosque Field Trip Reflections

1. Open your blog on a new tab.

2. Log in and create a new post. Title is “WWA Mosque Field Trip Reflection”

3. Copy the sentence starters below and paste into the body of your post.

Today I visited the _________________. Before going there I already knew ____________________ and ___________________. I was excited to see _________________. I was surprised when ____________ because______________. While visiting this place of worship today, something new I learned was ______________________. My favorite part of the trip was when I ________________ because ________.

4. Read your paragraph and edit (fix mistakes).

5. Insert a picture you took while in this place of worship.

  • Go to – Add mediaon the top left hand corner
  • Upload Files – iPhoto and drag picture onto desktop
  • Close iPhotos & drag picture from desktop to your blog page
  • Medium size
  • Insert into Post
  • Publish.

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