Tuesday – October 15, 2013


  • Goal Setting Conferences all day WEDNESDAY! You are invited to come along with your parents and discuss the goals on your Goal Setting Sheet
  • Thursday – Field trip to the Church and Buddhist temple – BRING PACKED LUNCHES AND SANCKS
  • Health Screening – The nurses will be calling each class down to have our yearly health screening (weight, height, etc…)
  • Clothing Drive – If you have any clothes at home you do not want to wear anymore but are still good please bring them to ES entrance for the PTA clothing Drive to help the Yingbo KG class.
  • Our Assembly is Friday October 25!

animateddog-20        animatedcatgif-28


Period 1 (8:40 – 9:20) – Language Arts

Reading groups – let’s begin reading groups. We are going to read a book and practice the five reading tasks in your journal.

Period 2 (9:20 – 10:00) – DRA Reading survey

We are going to quickly fill in a reading survey that will help us get information on who you are as a reader 😉

Period 3 (10:00 – 10:40) – Specials

PE with Ms. Watkins

——————-Snack Time (10:40 – 11:00) —————————————-

Period 4 (11:00 – 11:40) – Math

Split Strategy for addition

Period 5 (11:40 – 12:20) – Math

  1. Take a quick video of you explaining the Split Strategy
  2. Make a new post
  3. Give it the title ‘Split Strategy for addition’
  4. Up load you video to Tiger Tube, then put it in your post – follow this link if you’ve forgotten how
  5. Tag it!
  6. Put it in the MATHEMATICS category

——————Lunch Time (12:20 – 1:20) ——————————————

Period 6 (1:20 – 2:00) – Specials

Languages (Chinese, Dutch, ESL)

Period 7 (2:00 – 2:40) –

Let’s look at books about Christianity and Buddhism so we can be prepared for our field trip tomorrow.

Period 8 (2:40 – 3:20)

Card game – with a little difference!

Instead of subtracting the points when you compare…. add them!

————————- 3:20 – HOME TIME——————————————-


Don’t forget to work on your home learning tasks! Bring everything in on Friday!


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