Friday – October 18, 2013


  • There is a Lunar eclipse tonight ….if we can see it!
  • Great field trip yesterday! A huge thank you to all the parents who were able to give up some time to be with us and make it a very good day!
  • We have a lot to do today, so we have to be really focused and ready to do lots of work!



Period 1 (8:40 – 9:20) – U.o.I.

We are going to complete the Matrix on our wall today for the two belief systems we learned about yesterday.We have to complete the Matrix for both Buddhism and Christianity.

One thing to remember is that the field trips alone will not provide you with all the details you will need to complete your section of the Matrix. Check out the book cart in the hallway for extra information.

Period 2 (9:20 – 10:00) – U.o.I.

You may find your interest might have been aroused by what you saw and heard yesterday. How can you find out more? There are so many things about each belief system that we did not really cover yet.

  • Read the books on the cart!
  • Do further research on the Internet!
  • Ask your parents!
  • Have conversations with each other! Satisfy your curiosity!

Period 3 (10:00 – 10:40) – U.o.I.

Reflections for the trip yesterday.

Trip reflection

Organize your thoughts and notes

Fa Yuan (Buddhist temple) 法源 in Chinese

Xi Shi Ku (Catholic church) 西什库 in Chinese

——————-Snack Time (10:40 – 11:00) —————————————-
Period 4 (11:00 – 11:40) – Specials
Performing Arts with Mrs. Long

Period 5 (11:40 – 12:20) – Finishing off

If you finish everything, you can make sure you have finished your math videos from Tuesday 😉

Then you can continue with your Cowboy story! Yee-haw!

——————Lunch Time (12:20 – 1:20) ——————————————

Period 6 (1:20 – 2:00) – Specials

Languages (Chinese, Dutch, ESL)

Period 7 (2:00 – 2:40) – Assembly prep

In groups you will be given an area that you are going to think about for the assembly next week. The area will be about this unit and things we have done so far. You will be asked to come up with something to say as a group. Here are the areas.Once you have written something we will share what each group has come up with, and edit what we have so far. 😉

Areas: –

  • Language Arts – story writing – how have we been writing stories in 3F? (Music, pictures, videos – writing process)
  • Reading – what books have we read together as a class? (“Judy Moody saves the World” and” Frindle”)
  • Maths – show an addition strategy? (Use the video clips you have made?)
  • U.o.I. – talk about Who We Are
  • Field Trips – the last two field trips (maybe include the Bumble Bee song?)
  • Specials – (something from each of the specials)
  • Buddy class – what is a cool thing we did with our buddy class?

Period 8 (2:40 – 3:20) – Library

Take your bags down to the library!

————————- 3:20 – HOME TIME——————————————-


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