Collecting all our information

Last week, we researched Sikhism in small groups. Now we will pool our information to see how much information we actually gathered.


  1. Get your research findings (9 box graphic organizer) and a pencil. It can be a coloured pencil, but not yellow.
  2. You will see 8 pieces of A3 paper around the room with titles on them. In your groups, go to one.
  3. Before you add what you found out about that title onto the A3 paper, read what is already there. Do not add the same things over and over if someone has already written that information.

At the end we will see just how much information we have gathered!

The Jigsaw method

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.28.41 AM

We will then analyze the good the bad and the ugly parts of researching in this way. (BTW – The real words for the good the bad and the ugly parts is Pluses and Deltas, or Pros and Cons, or For and Against – see below)



What we decided about working in this way  – small groups collecting information and pooling together what we found.




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