Group work and Discussions

It is important to know how to talk to each other when doing group work. It is a skill that even adults use, so pay attention! This is something that you are going to have to know for the rest of your life so learn how to do it right  😉

When working with someone else (a partner, a small group or a large group) there are certain acceptable respectful ways of talking to each other. There are a few very simple rules that everyone needs to follow.


  1. Always be respectful
  2. Actively listen to what others are saying
  3. Everyone should feel comfortable and safe to voice their opinion
  4. Everyone should get a chance to speak
  5. You can be as passionate about something as you want! But you must not call people names, or think they are less than you, simply because they disagree with you.

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You do not always have to agree with someone. In fact, there will be times when you will feel you absolutely MUST disagree with someone in your group. How do we do this, without causing a fight?

It is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced, with the end objective being the rules at the beginning of this post.

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Here are some SENTENCE STARTERS that will help keep conversations, discussions and group work within the rules.

  • I disagree because …
  • I learned that …
  • I thought that …
  • I decided to … because …
  • Can you show me another way to …
  • Are you saying that …
  • Can you explain …
  • So what you’re saying …
  • I hear what you’re saying, but …
  • I agree with you because …

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Once you have begun a conversation or discussion, you also have to respond to what is being said or created. The rules still apply! Here are some sentence starters to help keep feedback to someone’s efforts within the rules. Any feedback is good as long as it is followed by your explanation, or it is a question.


  • I like the way you … because …
  • I do not understand how you … because …
  • We used the same strategy to …
  • This picture helps me understand … because…
  • Give me more words … because …
  • How did you …?
  • The way you organized your way of thinking helped me to … because …
  • I would like to talk more with you about … because ….
  • What you did/said inspired me to…

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You will be practicing these skills in a moment.

The ‘Box of Doom’ will decide the groups.

Here are your choice of discussion topics.


  1. Science is a subject for girls only.
  2. We should all leave Earth and go and live on the Moon.
  3. Nobody should be allowed to have pets in their homes.
  4. Soccer!
  5. What theme should we have for the end of term party in 3F?
  6. How should we organize the buying of presents for 3F?

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