Addition Strategies Review

Time to review!

Solve this problem using one of the following strategies at a time.You should end up with five different version of the same problem.

376  + 723 = ________       OR         46 + 29 = ______

  • Jump
  • Split
  • Compensation
  • Written (algorithm)
  • Repeated addition  (15 x 7)

Make sure you show all your working out.    Make sure it is clear and easy to understand.

  1. Take a photo of each strategy you use.
  2. Make a new blog post
  3. Give it the title ‘Addition Strategies Review’
  4. Don’t forget to tag it, and to put it in the ‘Math’ Category.
  5. Upload your five photos in your post, and give each photo a title (use the strategy’s name as your title)


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