Main points and interesting details


1. Read in pairs one of the books below. You will read this book on your laptop.

Level J Ichuro Susuki pdf

Level M Ichiro Suzuki pdf

Level P Ichiro Suzuki_pdf

2. Find the interesting details and important ideas in the book. 

3. Write key words and phrases on the chart.

4. After reading and researching  look at your notes again. What section did you write most your notes? What do you think this says about this person?

5.  Determine whether you think this person is  Famous and Significant or Just Famous?

Research – Determining Importance WkSht

Once everyone has finished their own sheet, get your groups and discuss your choices. Use the GROUP WORKING routines and sentence starters.




Other books to use in this activity:

Tiered books

Level I_janegoodall pdf

Level L_janegoodall_pdf

Level O_janegoodall_pdf


Level L_george washington carver_pdf

Level O_george washington carver_pdf

Level R george washington carver_pdf


Level W_joekittinger_PDF


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