Verb tenses – The past tense

Do you remember what a verb is?

  1. a verb is an action word
  2. a verb is the name of an action

very bright


Can you name the four most common verb tenses?

  1. Past – has already happened
  2. Present – is happening now
  3. Future  – has yet to happen
  4. Infinitive – has the word “to” in front of it, and does not tell you WHEN it is happening (e.g. to go, to eat, to jump, to sing, etc…)

What is the purpose of a verb tense?                      Why are verb tenses important?


very bright


REGULAR = There is a pattern you can follow

IRREGULAR = can have a pattern different to the usual pattern, or it behaves very differently to any patterns you can identify


very bright

25 Most Common Verbs

Like anything that is used the most, it gets banged about, and worn, and changes shape through use. It is the same with words. The more it is used, the more it changes. Can you think why?

Let’s see if we can say them out loud, and let’s try say their past tense. By doing this we will try to identify regular and irregular verbs.

  1. be
  2. have
  3. do
  4. say
  5. get
  6. make
  7. go
  8. know
  9. take
  10. see
  11. come
  12. think
  13. look
  14. want
  15. give
  16. use
  17. find
  18. tell
  19. ask
  20. work
  21. seem
  22. feel
  23. try
  24. leave
  25. call

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

very bright

Remember what we have talked about today. We will need this information for a task later this week on verb tenses.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.36.40 AM


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