Script/Speech for the ‘Wax Museum’

Let us regroup and recall what we did before the break – research on your Significant person. You are going to use this information to write a speech or script to say during your wax museum time. You are also going to film your self saying your speech using a green screen so you can put an interesting background behind you to do with your significant person. These videos will be on your blogs as part of your online portfolios.

Let’s begin!

  1. Look at your research organizer – timeline, fill in the boxes, photo
  2. What else do you need to research/find to complete it?
  3. Look at the information – is it enough?
  4. Begin writing your script

Writing your script


People who come to visit our Living Wax Museum are going to be listening to many people do their speeches that day. You need to work on the beginning of your speech so that people do not get bored! Let’s brainstorm some good beginnings together. You can use any of the beginnings we think of, or any others you might create.

Examples –

  • This morning when I woke up, I switched on my bedroom light, went to the bathroom and turned on the hot water tap to wash my face. I ate my breakfast with milk that had come from the fridge. All these things – the light, the hot water, the fridge –  need electricity to make them work. We take such simple things for granted. These simple luxuries would not have been possible without the work of one great man…Let me introduce myself. My name is Benjamin Franklin.
  • Did you check your e-mail today? Did you go on Facebook? How do you normally check these things? On your phone, or your laptop, your iPad or your tablet? Don’t you find it amazing that we now can keep in touch with just about anyone in the world, or check something online everywhere you go? Let me introduce myself…. my name is Steve Jobs, and I had a big part in why it so easy for you to do all these things.
  • Close your eyes… no peeking! Can you imagine living the rest of your life without seeing where it is safe for you to walk, and not being able to read, or see the faces of your family? My name is Helen Keller, and that is what my life was like. Not only that, I couldn’t hear also. This is my story.
  • Good morning! Did you have a nice holiday? Did you travel anywhere? How did you get there? By plane? Excellent! You can thank me now. Let me introduce myself. My name is Wilbur/Orville Wright, and my brother and I invented the first working flying airplane. Here is my story. (with this type of beginning be ready for the answer to be ‘No’! How are you going to get back to the subject if the person did not go anywhere?….Say things like “Have you ever taken a plane ride to go on vacation far away?”)

The main body of your script

  1. Use THIS TEMPLATE to help you write your speech…Biography of a significant person scaffold (Pages version)  Biography of a significant person scaffold (PDF)
  2. Include your facts and information in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER – use your time lines to help you with this
  3. Make sure you are fluent and interesting! – Try to let your ‘voice’ come through.


Finish your speech with a clear ending. Let your listeners know your a finished! Thanks them for listening to your speech, and take a bow! 😉

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