Wax museum information

The Grade 3 Wax Museum will be held on Thursday, 16 January 14 from 8.50 to 9.50 am in the upper WAB Way hallway (near the Grade 3 classrooms.) Each student will perform for 15 minutes, following the schedule at the bottom of the post. The number is the location where you will be standing.

Wax Museum Times

Please bring your costume and props to school on Tuesday, 14 January or on Wednesday, 15 January at the latest. We will have a rehearsal on Wednesday. Also, some students will start filming themselves on the green screen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please do not take your costume home until you have filmed your speech on the green screen with Mr. Cowell and we have had our class photo and close up photos taken – Thursday at the end of the day at the earliest. 

Your costumes do have to be fancy. If you cannot think of anything to wear, focus on making cool props that your significant person would have carried with them.

You are welcome to make a button for people to press so that you will ‘come alive’.

We will finish writing our speeches in the next few days. After that, you should focus on reading it over and over so that you can read it fluently and have good eye contact with your audience. You don’t need to memorize it and you can use note cards, but you should be very familiar with your script.

Your parents are welcome to help you get ready for the wax museum on Thursday morning in our classroom if you would like. Otherwise I will help you.

Relax and have fun with this special day!

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