Portfolio – during the SLC conference….

During your conference with your parents you will probably be asked to answer much deeper questions.

Deeper questions you may get asked about your piece of work …

  • What are the strengths of this work? Weaknesses?
  • What would you work on more if you had additional time?
  • How has your ______ (e.g., writing) changed since last year?
  • What do you know about ______ (e.g., the scientific method) that you did not know at the beginning of the year (or U.o.I., etc.)?
  • Looking at (or thinking about) an earlier piece of similar work, how does this new piece of work compare? How is it better or worse? Where can you see progress or improvement?
  • How did you get “stuck” working on this task? How did you get “unstuck”?
  • What did you learn about yourself while doing this piece of work?
  • Tell me more about this piece of work.
  • What made you proud of this piece of work?

Your answers might begin with ….

  • One skill I could not perform very well but now I can is …, because…
  • One concept I can now understand better is the concept of …, because…
  • One of the Learner Profiles I can now show is…, because…
  • One of the PYP attitudes I am better at now is…., because…
  • From reviewing this piece I learned ….

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