Competition – New Town Design

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to this wonderful occasion!

The Chinese Government have in the generosity and kindness given us a patch of beautiful vacant land to build a brand new city. You have been gathered here today as experts in your field so that you can come up with a design to win the competition to see who can create the best city plan. The new city will be called 新城镇 (Xīn chéngzhèn), or New Town.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.21.20 PMIn your groups, use all the information you have gathered in the past few weeks that have helped you to become experts in your field of city planning.

Here is a photo of the final presentation board.

Final presentation boardONE SQUARE measures 1km x 1km (just to give you an idea, from the Secret Garden to the very edge of the MS car park is not a whole kilometer! Google Earth says it is just under 1/2 km/500m).

Basic WAB floor plan

You will have a smaller cardboard planning grid to help you. HERE is an extra planning grid A3 if you need to use it; you can print as many as you need. You can include your knowledge of: –

  • zoning (Residential, industrial, commercial)
  • infrastructure (Means of transport, roads, utilities, communication)
  • community services (Hospitals, police station, fire stations, libraries, road building and maintenance, communication (telephones and Internet provision), etc…)
  • community structure (families with children, working people, religious groups, people with disabilities, etc…)
  • other necessities of a city (Relaxation and recreation opportunities, exercise, amusement, culture, etc…)

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 1.20.51 PMThe winning design will include thoughtful placements of all of the above, and will also have ‘something extra’ that will make it stand out from all the rest.

You will build a 3D model of your city, that will be displayed in a public place for people to leave comments and suggestions. We will also do a ‘Gallery Walk’ here, to help us move things along.

You will asked to accompany your final design with a persuasive piece of writing explaining why your city is the best design and why you should win the competition.

We look forward to seeing your final presentations! Have fun!

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