The gardener and the mixed up flowers.

Ben the Gardener looked at his garden. He always managed to grow beautiful flowers and plants. He had a Talent for this. A friend of his, Bill the Baker, suggested that he grow flowers and sell them to people. Ben thought this would be a good idea. So he planned how many flowers to grow.

He had a large growing garden that he could use to grow the plants from seeds.

He split this garden into 100 equal boxes.

100 square

In each box he planted a flower. But he had no way of knowing what colour the flowers would be when the grew! This is what he saw when the flowers grew.

Garden of flowers
Bill the Baker asked what fraction of the garden each colour was. But Ben could not answer him! He knew he had 100/100 flowers. (He also knew that this was 100%, or a whole garden)

He stood in front of his flowers and wondered how to answer Bill. How would you answer Bill? Work with a partner to figure out what fraction of the garden Ben had grown of each colour.


If Ben sells each flower for the following prices, how much does he earn altogether?

1 red flower = 15 rmb

1 yellow flower = 25 rmb

1 purple flower = 37 rmb

1 orange flower = 24 rmb

1 pink flower – 18 rmb

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