Report writing 2

Now you have seen an example of what a report might look like, you are going to try another report yourself… only yours is going to be better! 😆

You will follow this guide below, (or click on this link to see a bigger version Non-Fiction-Writing-Structure)

non-fiction writing structure picYour topic for your report will be: – BIOME

Complete the following steps in order to write your research report.

  1. Gather the following materials: – pencil, U.o.I. Journal
  2. Compose 3-5 questions you would like to answer on your biome.
  3. Find two resources on your biome from the book trolley
  4. Find the answers to your questions
  5. Write your rough draft
  6. Edit for full stops and capital letters, and ‘No excuse words’.
  7. Conference with the teacher
  8. Rewrite on your laptop for final product.

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