Ben the Gardner wants to make more money! – Part 2

This is what Bill and Ben came up with. Ben would plant four flowers in each square. This would give him 400 flowers! Of course he had no way of knowing what colour the flowers would be when they grew.

This is what happened.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 4.24.15 PM

You will need to work in pairs for this next part. You will need an A3 sheet of paper, and some pencils. NO calculators!

Answer these questions: –

  1. How many red flowers are there?
  2. How many orange flowers are there?
  3. How many yellow flowers are there?
  4. How many pink flowers are there?
  5. How many purple flowers are there?
  6. How many blue flowers are there?
  7. If you add all these flowers up, what is your total? Is that correct?

If you’re good to go…. click the arrow……For412a

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