The Brownie Conundrum

‘Here they all are!’ I shouted. I saw my nine friends coming up the drive way. It was my very first sleepover that night, and Mum and me had made lots of delicious snacks to eat.

Everyone piled in and we immediately went to the kitchen and demanded food.

Mum put a tray of brownies on the table. She had already cut the tray of brownies into nine perfect pieces (about 7cm x 7cm / 3″ x 3″). We all immediately saw the problem.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 8.04.59 AM


‘Mum! There are ten of us!’ I said.

‘Ooops!’ she said. ‘I don’t have anymore ingredients to bake another one, and all the shops are closed now.’

After a while she said, ‘How can we fix this so that everyone gets a fair share of brownies?’


We all thought about it, and couldn’t figure it out, so we decided to ask YOU for help. How would you make sure that everyone got an equal share of brownies?

Remember… it is very important that everyone gets AN EQUAL share of the brownies, otherwise someone will cry about it!


very bright


  1. Work in pairs – you have to prove that your idea works!
  2. Use any manipulatives or pieces of paper you need to help you prove your thinking  to work out this conundrum .
  3. Use the correct language of fractions and mathematics when explaining what you and your partner did.
  4. Make a new post on your blog. Give it the title ‘The Brownie Conundrum’. Put it in the Mathematics category. Tag it as fractions and brownies
  5. Your post must include a written explanation, and a conclusion that begins with the sentence – ‘Each person gets ….. of a brownie’.
  6. As you are working it all out take photos of your work, and include them in your blog post

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