What we did in G3 brainstorm – we did a lot!

Predator/Prey game                     Significant Person Presentation

Making your city                            Tug of war

Blog                                              Sim city

Volcano eruption                           Relay

Rocks (Science) investigation        Math cards

Potato Olympics                           ISAC – International Schools Athletics Competition

Fun Fair/Rock in the Park              Ms Sandra

Charity Bazaar                              International day

Pantomime                                   Book fair

Book swap                                   Author visits – The 2 Steves

G5 Exhibition                               Olympic Dream Series

Science Lab                                Buddy Class

Individual Laptops                      Special visits – E.g. Aaron from Wings + Wheelz

Field trips – e.g. Buddhist temple, church, mosque, Maizidian area, Almost went to Olympic Park

End of year writing sample

Today you will write a DRAFT COPY of a reflection on G3. This will go to your G4 teacher to show them how you create sentences, paragraphs, spell, use punctuation and edit when writing. Please do the best you can.

As a class, brainstorm things we did and what we learned in Grade 3. Your teacher to display these somewhere in the classroom.

1. Write your reflection using your best spelling, punctuation, past tense, grammar, sentences and paragraphs. You can use the guided questions below to help organize your ideas into paragraphs.

Guiding Questions

  • What were your favorite moments? What did you have to do? What made this moment so cool for you? (Click HERE for ideas!)
  • What did you enjoy learning about this year? Why?
  • What are you most proud of this year? Why?
  • What advice would you give to a Grade 2 student who is coming to Grade 3 next year?

2. Take your time to read over your writing and edit any errors or add details using a red or pink pencil.

3. Hand it into your teacher – you are done.


Report writing

Yes! We are going to write another report!

But first, click on this link to see an example of a G3 report written by someone in another school. (or see below)


You should never race a cheetah. Do you know why? Because you’ll always lose. That’s because cheetahs are very fast runners. They can run up to 75 miles per hour.

The cheetah gets its food by running. But sometimes the lion takes over and grabs the food. That’s mean!

Cheetahs are carnivores. That means they eat meat. Their prey are gazelles and rodents. The cheetah lives and finds food in Africa.

The cheetah and the lion eat each other. If the cheetah is weaker, the lion eats the cheetah, and it’s the same with the other.

The cheetah has up to three to five babies. The cheetah has larger litters than other cats, but on average only two cubs live into adulthood.

Cheetahs are amazing. I hope you like cheetahs. I know I do!’

Let’s make a note of what you notice about this report example.

Next step

Report writing 2

Now you have seen an example of what a report might look like, you are going to try another report yourself… only yours is going to be better! 😆

You will follow this guide below, (or click on this link to see a bigger version Non-Fiction-Writing-Structure)

non-fiction writing structure picYour topic for your report will be: – BIOME

Complete the following steps in order to write your research report.

  1. Gather the following materials: – pencil, U.o.I. Journal
  2. Compose 3-5 questions you would like to answer on your biome.
  3. Find two resources on your biome from the book trolley
  4. Find the answers to your questions
  5. Write your rough draft
  6. Edit for full stops and capital letters, and ‘No excuse words’.
  7. Conference with the teacher
  8. Rewrite on your laptop for final product.

Pyramid (Triangle) words strategy

We will use the words cat, rhythm, and cupboard as examples.

spelling strat 1See how it’s done? OK! You need your U.o.I. Journals.

Now look at the Unit words on the wall near the Unit poster.

Yellow Star group –  choose fifteen words from the blue words

Purple Star group – choose fifteen words from the green words

Blue Star group – choose fifteen words from the yellow words

Every group should use this strategy to use with their words. Practice this strategy in your U.o.I. Journal.

Questions to answer about your Predator / Prey game today

  • Think about these questions
  • Copy this post, then paste it into a new post on your blog
  • Put the title ‘Predator / Prey game – reflection’
  • Put it in the U.o.I. and PE category
  • Write your answers under each question
  • Answer the questions in full sentences!

Today all of Grade 3 children played the predator prey game as part of The Sharing the Planet unit about ecosystems.

I was ….(what role did I play)……..

This means I …….(what rules did I have to follow)……………………

Being a ………(what role I played)…. was challenging because …………..(what was difficult about being this type of animal)………..

A strategy I used to help me survive was ……….(explain the strategy I used to help me survive)………..

The connection I made to the Sharing the Planet unit was ………………(why did we play this game what link can I make to this unit)

1. Briefly explain the rules and game play as if your parents were reading your post. Be as clear as you can be!

cfhcvbnlhjn.b,h ghvn

2. Why do you think the Carnivores did not get any Food cards?


3. Why do you think the Carnivores only got two Life cards?

4. Why do you think the Herbivores got so many Life cards?

5. Why do you think people ended up traveling in packs/groups?

6. What happened when there were only a few Herbivores left?

7. Why could the Natural Disaster / Disease people tag anyone they wanted?

8. What happened to the Omnivores?

9. Is there anything else you found interesting while playing the game?


Investigating vocabulary using the Freyer Model

Choose up to 10 of the words you didn’t know from your Knowledge Rating Scale (If you knew them all – !!! – choose 10 that you find hard to spell). The Rating Scale is in your U.o.I. Journals.

Copy the Freyer Model into your journals. Use your ruler to make the lines nice and straight. You need a new one for each word you use, so you should have about 10 in your journal.

Freyer model

Blank Freyer ModelExample of a completed Freyer Model (You, of course, have to draw the picture! It can be a like a cartoon thing with action in it if you need it to be.)

Example of completed Freyer Model

Historical Fiction – Vocabulary

Vocabulary List

Words:                                                           Describing words:

Kingdom                                                         intelligent

Emperor                                                          courageous

Empress                                                          fierce

Dynasty (Qin, Ming)                                           wise

Battle                                                               powerful

Inventions                                                        strong

Mongols                                                          leadership

Palace – Forbidden City                                  ancient

The Great Wall

The Silk Road



Action words:                                                  Other:

attacked                                                           farmers

invented                                                           villagers

built                                                                 enemy

controlled                                                        conquest

explored                                                          inventor

united                                                              fireworks, compass, silk, paper

protected                                                          rebellion

banish                                                              Confucius