Inside playtime web sites


These games have been checked out and approved by the G3 teachers. Now you can play these games during indoor play times!

Physics Games – a whole collection of physics games



Tetris – You know how to play this!

Memory games – How good is your memory?!

Word games – Hangman, Dingbats, Jigsaws, The Monty Hall Problem, Riddles

FunBrain – Lots of different games to choose from!

TutPup – Lots of different games in all areas

Little Alchemy – This is a super cool game! You have mix elements together to make new ones. You can make up to 364 elements with this free version (420 if you buy the game at home). I have only ever found 363!

You make elements by mixing two together. You mix elements by dragging an element from the right field to the left field, and put one on top of the other. If they can mix, they will form a new one! The new one automatically goes into your right field. You can return element to the right field by dragging them to the right. Keep your left field clear!

When an element gets a red halo around it, it means it cannot be mixed with anything else.

Use the help feature if you get stuck!

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