Reading lists

What is an ‘Easy’ book?-  EASY books – G3  

What is a ‘Just Right’ book? – JUST RIGHT! books – G3

What is a ‘Challenging’ book? – CHALLENGING books – G3


red_and_whiteReading lists

The following list is a general summer reading list. The book lists have been compiled from a variety of sources over time.

There is a an explanation of how to use the Five Finger Rule at the beginning to find a ‘Just Right’ book, and how many books to read in each of the Easy, Just Right and Challenging divisions in order to promote continued reading enjoyment, vocabulary extension, and active practice of reading skills.

From G5 onward there is a short synopsis of the book, so that a reader can get a rough idea as to what the books is about, in order to make a good choice. Later books are also categorized by genre, in order to facilitate a choice based in individual interest.

Additionally, there is a note to parents concerning the content material of G8 books, which should be considered for the high-ability, low age readers, before granting permission to a child to read books with some young adult themes in them. The choice is left to the parents as to whether they consider their child mature enough to understand and digest the content that can be found in some of these G8 books.

Reading lists G4 – 8


red_and_white More reading lists

These lists are taken from the resources of “The Public Schools of Brookline, Massachusetts“. There are synopses and genre sorting in these lists too!

PreK-K reading list

G1-2 reading list

G3-4 reading list

G5-6 reading list

G7-8 reading list

bookworm reading book

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