How to Play the ‘Addition and Subtraction Game’

All the cards the class has made are mixed up and shuffled together

You will need:-

  • 9 game cards – they do not have to be yours
  • A white board and dry erase marker
  • A partner
  • Your math brain

How to play:-

  1. Shuffle your 9 cards
  2. Put them face down in front of you. Your partner does the same.
  3. Both of you turn over your first card
  4. Look at one of the boxes. Both of you must look at the same box. (It’s good to start at the beginning with the ‘Strength’ box)
  5. Compare your numbers
  6. Who has the highest number? Decide.
  7. Subtract the lowest number from the highest number – use the white boards if you need to work it out
  8. The winner keeps the points that is the answer to the subtraction
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 for each of the boxes
  10. Add up all your points.The winner of the game is the one who has the most points after you have played the nine cards.

The Addition and Subtraction game – getting ready

We are going to make a card game that is a little bit like Pokemon!

How to play

Getting ready for the game

You will need a copy of this blank template each – Addition-Subtraction game BLANK

You could also use this PYP Profiles version – Addition-Subtraction game -PYP- BLANK

  1. Draw your characters. You can only draw them in the little squares above the grey and white boxes.
  2. Give your character a name. Write it under your drawing
  3. Put your name or your initials on the back of each card. This so we can send the right cards home with you when we are done with the cards.
  5. Look at the grey and white boxes. Each has a name. Do you know what each word means?
  6. You are going to put numbers in those boxes. Listen to the instructions from your teacher.

Look at these examples of how to create your characters. You can basically draw anything you want!

Example 1