iMovie help – How to edit a movie (Basics)

  • Open iMovie
  • Import movie clip from desk top to iMovie (File > import a movie) (Import from camera = make movie straight from iMovie)
  • Event title – Choose a theme for your title
  • Select Optimize video > Large
  • Space bar is to start and stop
  • Zoom on bottom right hand side



  • New project
  • Got to File and name the project
  • On right hand side click on the T (for title)
  • Name the project
  • Click and drag over the bits of the video you need.
  • Move the cursor over the clip until it shows a hand
  • Drag the bit you’ve chosen to the Project Pane on top left
  • To extend the clip – hover over the chosen clip and click on the setting icon that comes up
  • To trim – drag the yellow line in and click command B
  • If you want to cut out some parts of the middle of the chosen clip Split the beginning of the bit you don’t want, select the end of what you don’t want, and DELETE the bit you don’t want



  • At the top
  • Share > Export movie > medium (It will be on your desk top) Make sure your movie has a name with YOUR name in it!!!
  • Upload to Tiger Tube
  • Embed into your blog



  • Miro> Drag movie from desktop to Miro
  • Format > Video > MP4